Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Getting to Know you Facebook Activity

Here is my version of a getting to know you facebook worksheet. I am planning on using it the first week of school. Get your copy here. or the editable version here

Form Freebie

I am incorporating many of the amazing ideas that I have come across on Pinterest and this is one of them. It's a missing assignment form, which you have students turn in when they do not have an assignment. I thought it would make it much easier to keep track of those who did not do something versus those who are absent. So here it is!

Prepping, prepping and more prepping!

What a few couple of weeks!!! Our rooms were renovated over the summer, so I have been attempting to put my room back together, which has proven to be a lot more work than I was ready for!! The nice thing about starting from scratch is that I have been able to purge and organize. So far I have a color scheme going and I have made some updates for the better!! Here is what i had to work with....
And here is what I have done so far....
Lastly, my major project was taking old beat up bookcases and turning them into something I could live with...
There is still much to be done including finishing up my room, planning, and getting everything to repro on time! Gotta love the beginning of a new school year!