Sunday, July 29, 2012

Teacher Toolbox

Thanks to the wonderful teacher over at Create-Teach-Share, I made my own teacher toolbox. I thought this would be a great way to stay organized throughout the year AND to keep track of what I am running low on. I'll quickly go through how I put mine together. First, I made my way to Home Depot and picked up one of these, for about 18 bucks.
I then waded through my scrapbook paper and found a couple of patterns that complimented each other. For the larger drawers, I cut those at 2" x 4" and the smaller drawers were 1.25" x 2". Next, I threw together a template of labels for the various drawers, printed them, and then simply glued them onto the scrapbook paper cutouts. Here is an idea of what the template looked like.
Oh, and here is the link to my template. Finally, here is my finished product. I can't wait to put it to use once I can get into my room!

Getting Organized!

August is almost upon us and I know that means summer is coming to an end :(. But it also means, that I need to start getting organized. The first thing I like to do is sit down and start mapping out what needs to be done and by when. I have created my own calendar that I keep in my teacher binder to map out lessons and just stay sane. Here is August and September, which I am getting ready to pull out this coming week.

First Printable......

So each year I contemplate how I am going to fill that first week. Am i going to do the same thing as last year? Am I going to try something new? Well, for a couple years now I have included "Getting to Know You!" My middle schoolers really enjoy it and it is a great ice breaker. Usually I give them about 20 minutes and someone ends up completing it and after everyone is settled I use the activity for students to get to know me! So here it is....Getting to Know You.
I would love to hear how you were able to use it and how the activity went!

Welcome to The Middle School Abyss!

As I begin planning for the upcoming school year, I thought I would start this blog to share my thoughts and ideas with the blogosphere. I figured this blog could become a creative outlet for my new ideas and successes that I discover on my classroom adventures. Now I am not promising daily updates of amazing ideas, but hopefully you'll stumble along something that is helpful.