Saturday, December 10, 2016

Daily Learning Log

I use this daily learning log as bellwork. Students enter each day and use the first 2 minutes of class to copy down the daily learning objective. At the end of class, I then have them take it out and write down one thing they learned from the day's lesson. It also includes weekly closure questions to help students reflect on what they have learned throughout the week. You can find it here!

Medieval Islam PowerPoint

A comprehensive PowerPoint on the founding and eventual spread of the Islamic Empire. Begins with the rise of Islam, including Muhammad and his teachings and the 5 Pillars of Islam. Then explores how Islam spread as a both an empire and a religion and finally concludes with the lasting contributions of the Islamic Empire. PowerPoint has built in assignments within each of the three sections. A great way to introduce the main concepts and events of the Islamic Empire. This is mine master PowerPoint that I use throughout the entire unit. I usually have my students take Cornell Notes as I move through each section. It is very simple and easy for students at all levels to follow along. You can find it here!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rome Unit Authentic Assessment

The Roman Newspaper Project is a fun and engaging project for students to demonstrate what they learned about the rise and fall of Rome. The project gives them a focus area, but also allows them to report on events that they found most interesting. Each year I use this project as an authentic assessment following the end of the Rome unit. I have structured the assignment handout as a sample for students to see what a completed project should like. With this project, I introduce all the elements and requirements to the class and then devote the rest of class to planning using the Roman Newspaper Planner. I provide them with the blank Newspaper Template for their final draft, but I also allow students to turn in their own creations. Students really enjoy this project, as it is focused on the content, yet still allows them some creative freedoms. You can find this project here....Enjoy!